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The initiative was launched by Neelie Kroes' Young Advisors with the support from DG Connect at the European Commission. Sounds fancier than it really is. We're just a bunch of young people with a dream of a world where all sort of crazy ideas are given a chance to change the world. But it's not really about us.
It's about Pia, who felt like she had to study law, even though she always enjoyed maths and playing with computers. It's about Mark, who has the idea for a better social network, but can't build it on his own. It's about Alice, who dreams about making robots because her parents don't allow her to have a cat.
It's about Karl, who's bored of his career in marketing and wants a new challenge and his colleague, Mila, a project manager who just can't seem to speak the same language as software developers on the project. It's about Linda, who wants to start her own company, it's about Leo, a talented designer, who wants to show his clients how his design really works, not just looks like. We're sure you've heard many stories like these.

It's about those of you who are already helping these dreams come true.

Actually, it's about all of us. Our future. Technology is shaping our lives, but we're letting a minority decide what and how we use it for. We can do better than just sharing and liking stuff. We can bring our crazy ideas to life, build things that will bring joy to others.
It's never been easier to make your own app, build your own robot, or invent flying cars, why not! It's not an easy journey, but it's a journey full of creative challenges, a supportive community, and tons of fun. Are you ready to accept the challenge and become a maker?
Join Europe Code Week by organizing a coding event in your city or help us spread the vision of Code Week as an EU Code Week Ambassador for your country!

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